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Top 9 Features for Your E-commerce Store

E-commerce stores for businesses have become a platform to make significant amounts of sales and revenue. This is why it becomes important to make sure your website is designed to attract, and convert prospects to customers effectively.

There have been a lot of trends regarding the same but the key features of the site remain the same. In this blog, we have discussed the top 9 features of an e-commerce website for your business.

9 Key Features of E-commerce Website

01. User-friendly

One of the most important features when it comes to any website is its ease of use and navigation. According to recent studies, it is concluded that almost 76% of users say that the user-friendliness of a website is an important characteristic. Your website must be easy to understand with a simple and elegant design. The goal is to let your users figure out and help them find what they want faster and easier.

This can be done in several ways. Some include: adding shopping categories, filters, autocomplete options, offering visual navigation, instructions, etc. This can help prospects convert easily into customers without any hindrances.

02. Mobile-friendly

Optimizing your website to mobile devices is one thing you absolutely cannot miss in 2021! A majority portion of people and almost all millennials access websites, social media profiles, and other sites via their phones. If your website isn’t designed to be mobile-friendly, there are high chances of losing your potential customers.

Mobiles are also used when shopping online. Let’s say a user wants to buy your product and surfs your website online only to find that your website isn’t mobile-friendly. They will be quick to exit your site and try another one. And as a business, you cannot afford that. Creating mobile-friendly websites helps target customers better, increases sales, visits, and even your SERP rankings.

03. High-responsiveness

It only takes minutes and sometimes even seconds for users to switch from your brand to your competitor’s. This can be due to various factors. When it comes to e-commerce stores, people expect it to be faster, and easier. If your website takes plenty of time to load, your users are likely to exit your site and choose some other online store.

The key is to make sure your website design is highly-responsive and SEO-friendly. This will ensure maximum exposure, quality traffic, and the increased loading time and responsiveness allows a reduction in bounce and increased leads, sales and revenue for your online store!

04. Reviews and Client Testimonials

This is important, especially in e-commerce websites. Why? Because people want proof from other people. Almost 95% of them read your reviews. Displaying your client reviews enhances your credibility and brand trust. Often e-commerce stores have real clients offering real reviews about their experience with your product. Your potential customers are likely to go through these reviews and evaluate their decision based on this.

So, make sure to share positive reviews, ratings, and customer testimonials on your e-commerce store. This will help increase your brand authority, trust and bring about better sales for your products. Apart from showcasing just positive reviews, also display your negative reviews. This can often be an advantage as your users are likely to believe products with some negative reviews are genuine.

05. Offers and Discounts

Although social media platforms and email marketing campaigns can be a great way for marketing product launches, discounts, offers, and other promotions, you also can leverage your e-commerce sites to promote the same information. Showcase your latest and exciting offers and discounts, product launches, coupon availability on your home page so your users are informed.

You can also consider creating a separate page for all your offers, so you can drive traffic and effectively convert them. Apart from this, make sure you give good offers like coupon codes, buy one get one free, or combo offers and discounts so that your customers look forward to buying more from your brand.

06. Related Items

There is a reason why most e-commerce sites have the “you might also like this” in their website that is designed to suit your likes based on your previously viewed items or purchase-behavior. This motivates the customer to look for more, and evaluate to buy more from your brand.

You might have seen this on sites like Amazon who also showcase, “People who bought the item, also search for” and “similar items” etc. Using related items shows that you understand your customer, helps them easily find items and also pushes them to look at more items and eventually even buy one, helping you make better sales.

07. Security and Privacy Policy

Online transactions are subject to privacy matters and also have become an important part of our daily lives. Online shopping saves time and effort which is why most people have switched to e-commerce stores as a means to buy what they need. Apart from offering quality products, your users also require to know that their information shall remain confidential.

E-commerce stores become a target site for cybercrimes and often credit card information gets hacked and misused. This is why it becomes important as the business to protect your customer’s information and assure them that their information shall be only productively used to improve their experience on the site. Secure your platform with the right and adopt the right measures to protect privacy.

08. Payment Options

The whole concept of online shopping means creating an easy method of shopping with fewer efforts. This also involves payment methods. Advanced payment options are a must-have to any e-commerce store. Try and include the most commonly used modes of payment for your customers to opt for.

Apart from this, make sure to include cash on delivery options too. This also helps increase purchases on your site. The key here is to understand what platforms users commonly use and include them and also explain why a certain payment method isn’t available. This helps build trust between the buyer and seller.

09. Shipping Information

As fun, easy, and effortless online shopping can seem, often the shipping costs of deliveries can be a huge turn-off. Costly shipping rates, make your customers want to not buy the product from you. This is why sellers are required to give detailed shipping information, costs applied, etc. to educate the users.

Add in shipping costs calculator based on zip-code, provide shipping and applied taxes information, lists of shipping options, estimated time of delivery, and also put out offers, codes, and coupons to reduce shipping costs. It is seen that users are likely to shop more if the site offers free shipping of the deliveries.

5 Benefits of having an e-commerce website

E-commerce stores are growing in demand for people who cannot make time to physically visit stores to buy what they want. Online stores are open 24*7 and are easy to browse through. This is beneficial for businesses as well as their customers.

Here are the top 5 benefits that you can enjoy owning an e-commerce store for your business!

01. Open 24*7

Like mentioned, Online stores are open throughout the day without any time restrictions and can be accessed by users anywhere, at any time.

02. Less time-intensive

Online stores unlike retail stores don’t need too much attention and effort. It takes time to build an e-commerce store and all the features but once done can operate seamlessly with only a few updates here and there.

03. Reach wider audience

Compared to retail stores, online stores can reach and target a wide audience. Sites that are SEO-optimized can help drive increased and quality traffic to your website.

04. Better cash flow

The increased traffic that is the result of reaching a wider audience and other factors help provide better cash-flow to your business. Online stores can be scaled, and tracked constantly to help improve buyer experience.

05. Low-cost set-up

When compared to setting up a retail store, one has to keep in mind the rent, maintenance, employee salary, and so on. But with online stores, all of these factors are removed. E-commerce stores are much more cost-effective than offline stores.

If building a seamless and high-responsive e-commerce business is what you want, then you have come to the right place!

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