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Ever since the onset of the COVID-19-pandemic, work-from-home or remote working has gained growing popularity amongst various industries. Although work-from-home existed long back, it was only limited to few individuals who were mostly freelancers.

The Covid-19 outbreak in India led to the lockdown in march. People had to lock themselves in their homes and were restricted from movement. They carried out their work from the comfort of their homes. Soon online classes, zoom calls, Google meets and pajamas became office essentials!

While some were still trying to adjust to this new normal, a lot of corporations began to enjoy it. Soon after the travel restrictions were relaxed, people began traveling to different places and delivering their duties remotely. Remote working has now caught on.

Soon, the hot-spot tourist destinations like Goa were flooding with working professionals looking to live and work here. As fun and relaxing as it sounds, there are still things you need to know and options you need to consider before visiting Goa for your remote working needs.

We have discussed some of them, and you may find them helpful. Keep reading to know more!

Why Goa?

This is a question that doesn’t really need an answer. According to recent news from Heraldo, Goa has become the “home” for ‘work from home’ Pros from the metros. Goa is one of the famous tourist spots in the country. Its pristine beaches, beautiful sunsets, and fun parties serve as a getaway for working professionals.

Apart from this, Goa offers an array of Portuguese architectural homes to choose to spend their staycation in. Whether it is a weekend getaway or if you are planning to stay here for a couple of months, Goa is the right place. A bit pricey but with the right research and comparison, one can find places to stay here.

Where to stay?


The concept of AirBnB is not a new one. It has existed and has been rapidly growing. If you are looking for a staycation or a weekend getaway lasting anywhere from a week or two, then AirBnBs are a great option. You get your space to work, chill and enjoy yourself with your friends.

Locations: AirBnBs come in various locations-both in the north and south Goa- and vary in prices. Calangute, Candolim, Panjim, Colva, Anjuna serve as the best places for Airbnb options.

Hotels or Resorts

As common as it sounds, working professionals can also book a hotel or a resort while they are staying in Goa. Although they can be a bit pricey, in case you have a good budget, it can work out for you. While you stay in resorts, and hotels you can take advantage of their facilities like gym, spa, buffet and more and enjoy a relaxing work-cum-vacation.

Locations: Hotels and resorts are present in almost every district of Goa. Depending on your needs, you can choose a hotel close to residential areas and cities like Panjim, Porvorim, Vasco or you can opt for resorts close to beaches like Candolim, Calangute, Colva, Baga, Anjuna, and more.

Co-living/Co-working Spaces

The Co-living and Co-working spaces are interesting ones. This can be a great way of meeting new people, hanging out with them, and living together. These spaces offer all the needed amenities to a working professional and also provides a relaxing atmosphere to work in. They are fairly cheaper compared to others. Sharing spaces also allows meeting like-minded people.

Locations: A rising concept has led to several businesses with built-in spaces for working professionals in various places like Arpora, Panjim, Assagao, Margao, and more.

Rent a Home/Villa

In case you are looking to stay in Goa for 6 or more months, and have enough budget to cover your expenses, then renting a home or villa with your friends or family is a great option. According to recent news, Goan realtors received a significant number of inquiries regarding renting homes and villas on a monthly basis. This was mostly done by businessmen, executives, and corporates from Mumbai and Delhi looking for a peaceful atmosphere that is close to a beach.

Locations: Depending on the kind of space you are looking for, realtors can help you find a flat or even a villa. Closer to residential areas like Panjim, Porvorim can be a good idea. You can find beautiful houses in the interiors of the state too!

Apart from these, you need to make sure you have enough to cover your expenses, food, and other needs when here in Goa. Ensure that whichever place you choose to reside has a good internet connection, network, water, and electricity supply so that your work productivity isn’t hindered.

Goa is a fun place to be. But make sure to have done your research, planned and budgeted your stay before. Remote-working from here can be one of the biggest advantages to some working professionals. With the trend rising, it may be even possible that companies may let their employees deliver their services from home if everything is carried out in a smooth and timely manner.

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