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Owning a business or a start-up is challenging. Every business owner and entrepreneur strives to get his business across people so that they can purchase from them. But with billions of businesses that exist, the competition becomes tougher and more challenging.

According to Comscore, 93% of business-decisions start with a search engine. This means, if you don't have a website for your business, you are only selling to 7% of your market. You’re losing out 93% of your potential leads by not owning an online domain.

What is Website Design and Development?

Websites are the place where your prospect takes a peek into your business. If they don’t like what they see, they aren’t going to enter inside. Or in simple words: they aren’t going to buy your product or service.

It only takes a few seconds to form an opinion about your brand. Therefore, it is up to you to make these seconds count and form the best opinion about your website and your business. Websites go way beyond "just a look", they bring you leads, traffic and also enhance your reputation.

People are becoming smarter. It is harder to gain their trust. And every business is met with a skeptical approach by the leads. They look for credibility and professionalism when dealing with a brand. Most prospects discard a brand if they find that the brand doesn’t have a strong online presence in the form of a website or a page.

Making it difficult for your customer to access your business can be detrimental to your revenue. Website is a long-term investment for your brand. It adds an ever-lasting value and builds a customer base for your business.

Consider this, you’re sleeping at night but a visitor is browsing through your services. If you own a website that holds high-value wherein your information is conveyed effectively, the prospect is interested, without you having to actively take part in it!

But this is not it! While owning a website is important, you need to make sure you own an effective one. Websites must be creative, persuasive, attractive, and efficient in the way they function. It should help drive traffic, load faster, look aesthetic and bring growth to your business.

This is why you need website design and development. While developing a website, you need to ensure you use the right kind of designs that communicate the brand identity and also make it look catchy and beautiful. This helps build a better brand image for your business.

Website Design and Development services help build websites that are easy to navigate, SEO friendly, and have faster loading time, along with keeping in mind the need for the website to look great to engage the visitors.

But, what are the benefits of owning a website like this? There are numerous, but we have listed the top 10 benefits of owning a website below. Keep reading…

8 Reasons Why Website is Important:

01. First Impression of your Business

Like said before, websites are like the gateway for your business. It is the first impression you give out about your business and brand identity. And we know to nail that first impression is crucial as consumers are quick to form an opinion and exit.

Websites are places where customers come to know about a business. A well-designed website must offer to educate, inform and convert users effectively. It only takes a few seconds for the audience to form an opinion about your business. Whether it is good or bad, entirely depends on the website's design and functioning. If the website seems unappealing, outdated, and slow to load, people will instantly quit the site, resulting in missing out on leads, sales, and even your revenue.

02. Offers Better Reach and Awareness

Websites undoubtedly offer better reach compared to other conventional marketing methods. Websites help reach out to a larger audience via digital channels like social media and email marketing. The website thus helps expand brand presence and reach across different media and drives the audience towards it.

This when compared to other means of traditional marketing like print media or television ads, offers a better and more advantageous edge. People when in need of a product or service surf online. And this is where you need to be, to effectively reach your prospect and build brand awareness that can turn into a sale.

03. Communicates your Brand

Your website is like a window to your business. People will understand everything they need to know from your website. It must showcase your brand values, products, and services along with customer reviews and testimonials. This adds a professional and credible edge to your business. This is why your website must be designed in such a way that it effectively communicates your brand identity and image.

Right from the choice of colors, to logo and content, everything must be chosen to align with the tone of the business and its values. In case of any inconsistency with the website and brand identity, users may not find it professional and appealing.

04. Builds Brand Reputation

Websites are the first impression of your business. A good website can help build a good brand reputation while a bad/slow website can tarnish your image. Building a brand reputation that is positive and inspiring is important to drive sales, leads and even build a meaningful relationship with customers.

Owing a well-designed website is the first step while maintaining and updating is the second. Your online reputation is the key to building your loyal customer base. Websites help attract visitors that can be potential clients, making a good impression and building a positive brand image can help influence their purchase-decision towards your brand. Attracts Potential Audience

05. Digital Advertising and Marketing

To create a strong online presence, you need to first start with building a strong and appealing website. Why? Because your audience is directly or indirectly driven to your website to find out about your business and its services. Your social media platforms help direct traffic to your website. If your prospects do not find your website useful and appealing, it doesn’t take much time for them to disregard your brand.

If your website doesn’t influence them to purchase from you, chances are, you just lost a chunk of your potential sales and revenue. This is why your website is the foundation for your successful digital marketing strategy.

06. Cost-effective

A lot of business turns themselves away from creating a website because they find it simply unnecessary for the time being. They treat it like an expense rather than an investment that is going to pay positive and meaningful ROI.

Websites are cost-effective. This is one platform that can reach a wider and larger mass of audience than other means of conventional marketing methods. Websites are far more effective than print media, like posters, banners, flyers. This can potentially reach thousands or even more.

07. Scalable and Measurable

The scale and performance of the website can be measured, updated, and changed to bring in quality traffic towards the site. Thanks to the advent of technology, there are several tools and software now available that help build, and maintain beautiful websites.

Apart from this, digital marketers can also know the user behavior on your site and analyze the same to understand what works and what doesn’t. This offers room for improvement. The best thing about having a website is that it always can be revamped and updated to improve its performance and effectiveness.

08. Builds Trust and Credibility

Owning a website is important. But owning a professional-looking website is even more crucial. Why? Because a website- like mentioned earlier- offers the first impression as well as builds a brand reputation for your business.

IYour website can help evoke a sense of credibility about your brand. Apart from this, customer testimonials and reviews from the website help build trust and offer a glimpse of the customer services that the brand offers. This is why a professional-looking website can add to influencing purchase-decision if it successfully connects with the audience.

A good website is the one that influences the audience towards taking an action for your brand. Whether it is to sign up, purchase, or subscribe. Building and designing websites for your business is a long-term investment that is sure to pay off.

A strong web design consists of various components like responsive design, consistency, eye-catchy visuals, and a persuasive copy. Compromise on any aspect can hinder your brand from growing to its full potential.

At Veara Creatives, we believe in bringing these opportunities to life so that your business can enjoy the attention, reach, and growth it deserves. Our website development and design services ensure to build your business an e-commerce store that is attractive as well as effective.

We are a Goa-based Digital Marketing Agency that is the right place if you are looking to grow and expand your brand digitally. Our well-crafted marketing strategies coupled with advanced tools and software offer the best reach, exposure, and growth to your business.

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