Best SEO practices to grow organic traffic!

seo practices

Owning a small business and managing it to get better sales is tough. As a business owner, you want users to visit your e-commerce website to drive more traffic followed by more sales. SEO is responsible for your sales. The goal of SEO is to drive more traffic and rank websites high in the search results. Competition in the market has increased as everyone wants to be ranked high in the search engine results page.

  1. Rich Snippets
  2. Make use of structured data mark up.

  3. Optimized code
  4. Optimise your CSS and JS files by removing junk code.

  5. SSL Certificate
  6. Add a SSL certificate to your website for encryption of data and to protect the site from the spam issues.

  7. Quality content
  8. Create an effective content structure on your site and focus on creating good content for your audience.

  9. Good links
  10. Get links from high DA and high PA websites.

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