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Social Media Holidays for your Content Calendar 2022

Social Media Holidays for your Content Calendar 2022

When it comes to marketing your business on social media, you don't want to miss any days.

Our social media planning calendar is your ultimate one-stop-shop for finding the next big thing in social media content. It's a great tool to have on hand if you're trying to stay up-to-the-minute with how to use social networking campaigns and networks to really get customers' attention, educate prospects about what your business will do for them, and drive traffic directly to your site. So come take a look around today!

January 2022 Social Media Holidays

1st January - New Years' Day

This day resembles a new beginning and a new start, so it is worth a celebration.

2nd January - Science Fiction Day

It's the day for the fans of science fiction movies and books.

4th January- World Braille Day

It reminds us that reading and writing are not a luxury to a visually impaired person.

12th January- National Youth Day

The day when the youth of the nation is celebrated as a celebration of birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand

13th January- Lohri

Celebrating the arrival longer days after winter.

14th January- Makarsankranti

Marks the arrival of spring and end of winter days

15th January- Pongal

Celebrating the harvest festival in India

15th January 2022- Indian Army Day

Remembering warriors at borders, Bravehearts protecting us.

21st January- International Hug Day

Hug your loved ones and tell them that they are special and important to you

23rd January- Subhash Chandra Bose Day

Remembering the brave freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on his birth anniversary

24th January- International Education Day

A day dedicated to education and its importance in human society.

24th January- National Girl Child Day

Spread awareness on inequities a girl child faces in Indian society

25th January- National Voters Day

Practice your rights, right to choose, and right to vote.

26th January- Republic Day

The day when the constitution of India came into force

30th January- Martyr Day

Condolences to all brave hearts of the country who died protecting our motherland

February 2022 Social Media Holidays

4th February- World Cancer Day

Make people aware of this deadly disease and its possible treatments.

5th February- Basant Panchami

Its the beginning of the spring season

9th February- National Pizza Day

To all pizza lovers, it's your day to celebrate. So get off of your diet and throw a pizza party.

13th February- World Radio Day

The first instrument of digital communication and entertainment in the early days.

14th February- Valentine's Day.

Spread some love on this day. Make your special one feel more special.

21st February- International Mother Language Day.

A day to acknowledge your mother tongue and its importance.

28th February- National Science Day

A day to mark the importance of discoveries and inventions.

March 2022 Social Media Holidays

03rd March- Worlds Wildlife Day

Let's celebrate many beautiful and different wild flora and fauna and create awareness on the protection of endangered species.

8th March- International women’s day

On this day, celebrate the woman in your life who completes your world.

14th March- Pi day

Eat a pie on Pi Day to celebrate a consonant in maths Pi.

15th March- Consumer Right Day

Spread awareness on various rights consumers have to abolish any malpractice in the market.

18th March- Holi

It is a festival of colours. So this festival fills your life with colours.

20th March- International Day of Happiness

Be Happy a little more, Smile a little wide. Forget your sorrows for once and enjoy life.

21st March- World Poetry Day

Give it a try, let the poet in you come out on this poetry day.

22nd March- World Water Day

Water is scarce. Let's spread awareness on the rightful use of water and stop wasting the limited resources.

24th March- World Tuberculosis Day

Cheer to people who fought or are fighting like a warrior to beat these diseases

26th March- Earth Hour Day

Let's gather and join the movement to take action on environmental issues and protect our planet.

27th March- World Theater Day

Celebrate the actor inside you.

April 2022 Social Media Holidays

1st April- April Fools Day

Play pranks on people and make fools out of them; it is acceptable today.

7th April- World Health Day

Take the resolution to be healthy and take good care of yourself and your family.

10th April- National Sibling Day

Tell your sibling we fight a lot cause we love a lot.

14th April- Baisakhi

Let's Take a day to thank god for the harvest and thank farmers for their efforts and hard work.

15th April- Art Day

A day to applaud all artist and their work of art.

17th April- Easter

Celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection.

22nd April- Earth Day

Make people aware of environmental conditions and steps to prevent global warming.

23rd April- World Book Day

The most important creation of all that no technology can beat.

29th April- International Dance Day

Let's Appreciate the art of dance.

May 2022 Social Media Holidays

1st May- International Workers Day

Appreciate the hard work of all working-class people.

1st May- World Laughter Day

Let your laughter run wild and free.

2nd May- Eid-al-Fitr

Another festival of India that marks the end of the fasting month.

8th May- Mothers Day

A day is not enough to thank all Mothers out there, yet a special day to say special thank you to the most special person in our life.

8th May- World Red cross Day

It's the annual celebration of the world red cross and red crescent day.

11th May- National Technology Day

The world will come to a halt without technology. No doubt it runs in the veins of the world.

12th May- International Nurse Day

We must take time and say thanks to all the nurses as they have worked hard in the pandemic situation.

15th May- International Family Day

In this busy life, take a break and spend it with your family.

18th May- International Museum Day

A place where our history is stored.

20th May- World Bee day

Without these bees, the world will come to an end, so we humans should be thankful to them.


1st June - World Milk day

Make your bone healthier, and don't forget to thank the source of it.

3rd June- World Bicycle day

We spent almost half of our childhood on it. And now it is again playing a crucial role in keeping people fit.

4th June- World Cheese Lovers Day

Shout out to all cheese lovers out there, come out, take a selfie and say CHEESE!

5th June- World environment day

Time to take responsibility for the environment as a responsible citizen and member of this world.

8th June-Best Friend Day

To all the BFFs, be the way you are.

14th June- World Blood Donor day

A noble duty every person should fulfil.

19th June- Fathers Day

To the first hero in everyone's life. To our secret Santa, Happy fathers day

21st June- World Music Day

Music is therapy, as it heals us and changes our mood.

30th June- Social Media Day

A day that cannot be celebrated without being on it.


1st July- National Doctors Day

Appreciate all the doctors in the world and their hard work. They are truly god face on earth.

1st July- GST Day

A day in the name of new reform in the economy

1st July- Intl. Joke Day

Be it b PJs crack a joke and make everyone LOL.

7th July- World Chocolate Day

It can be marked as the sweetest day because it's a chocolate day.

10th July- Eid Al Adha

A festival that marks the significance of sacrifice

15th July- Give Something Away Day

All are not privileged with everything, may it be materialistic things or emotional, so give it away to some who need it the most.

17th July- World Emoji Day

Emojis are a perfect illustration of the different faces and moods of humans.


1st August- Friendship Day

Nurturing the only relation we choose. Friendship is the best gift one can give themselves.

8th August- Intl. Cat Day

To all the cat parents, come out and flaunt your cats.

9th August- Book Lovers Day

A day for people to keep their gadgets aside and dive deep into the ocean of books.

11th August- Raksha Bandhan

Purest relation of all, the relation of brother and sister and promise to protect each other.

15th August- Independence day

A proud day for all Indians to celebrate freedom from long-run slavery.

19th August- Janmashtami

A day to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna.

26th August- Dog day

Shout out to all dog lovers, and their dogs come out to show some tricks.

31st August- Ganesh Chaturthi

One of the most celebrated Indian festivals with auspicious value.


5th September- Teacher's day

Time to say thank you to all the teachers in our lives who guided us the right way.

11th September- Grandparents Day

Grandparents are giant trees that protect us from storms and give us shelter in their shadows.

12th September- video games day

To All the pro video game players, it's your day to show off what best you got?

15th September- engineers day

On this day, let's take time to appreciate all the hard work of engineers around us.

21st September- intl. Day of peace

It's the day that reminds us of our sole motive to live in this world peacefully.

25th September- daughters day

Marking the day to all the beautiful daughters out there who completes the home.

27th September- world tourism day

Tourism is the economy's backbone, a day to realize its importance.

30th September- International podcast day

A day noted to new technology with fictional and non-fictional stories to kill the boring time.


1st October- Intl. Coffee day

Coffee a day vanishes stress away. Celebrate the coffee day with a cup of coffee.

4th October- World Animal Day

They may be wild or domestic, but they make the world an interesting place. Marking a day to remember the importance of Animals.

5th October- Dussehra

It is a day that resembles the victory of truth over a lie, good over bad.

7th October- World smile day

It is said, a smile is contagious. If you smile, people around you will smile automatically.

10th October- world mental health day

It has become important, in this competitive world to take good care of your mental health for better living.

11th October- Intl. day of girl child

This day is remarked to uplift all the rights of a girl.

16th October- Boss day

Sometimes they might get on your nerves, but you can't deny their guidance.

24th October- Diwali

A festival of lights that remarks the victory of light over dark. That also enlightens the world.

31st October- Halloween

Disguise yourself as a ghost or funny character and have fun with your friends and families, trick or treating.


1st November- world vegan day

A day to honour the people who gave up non-veg food for the sake of animals.

11th November- National Education day

A day to remark how much education is important for the development of a person and country as a whole.

13th November-world kindness day

If you feel the world is too harsh, then don't miss your opportunity to show some kindness to the world.

14th November- Children's Day

Children make their lives more lively, they are the flowers that spread the fragrance all over.

17th November- Intl. students day

It's a great responsibility on the shoulders of students to learn and take part in the development of the country. A day to respect their hard work.

19th November- Intl. Men's day

A day to respect all the men in our lives who support us and need our support too.

21st November- World television day

A chatterbox instead, a way communication cum entertainment box.


1st- worlds aids day

On this day, spread awareness on AIDS

2nd- national pollution control day

Create awareness of the destruction caused by pollution and measures to curb it.

3rd- intl. Day od disabled

Let Us make people aware that disability means a specially able person and excel any field.

4th- Indian navy day

Saluting our Indian Navy, who are protecting hour water 24*7

14th- National Energy Conservation Day

Sustainable development should be the point of focus for the bright future of the world.

19th- Goa Liberation Day

The day rose when Goa got freedom from 450 years of Portuguese rule. End of slavery.

22nd- national Mathematics day

Ths day is to all the bright heads, who excel in maths it the day for you to shine.

25th- Christmas

Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

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