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Here is Why Your Business NEEDS an E-commerce Store!

In the cut-throat competition that exists in today’s world, businesses strive to reach their customers to inform them about their business, products and services, and how better they are than their competitors.

But how about we changed this narrative, and let the audience reach out to your business. And let them learn about your brand, your products and services and decide for themselves?

This is why. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, you need to have an e-commerce website.

But what is e-commerce and how does it work? Why should a business have an e-commerce website and how can they benefit from it?

These are just some of the questions we answer in this blog. Read on.

What is an E-commerce Website and How Does it Work?

10 Reasons Why E-commerce Stores are Important

01. 24 hours open

The biggest advantage of having an e-commerce website is that it is open throughout the day, any time of the week or year! Let’s say your customer wants to browse for shoes at 3 in the night, they can always head to surf the net and find your business from the comfort of their home.

Having an e-commerce website that your customers can find can bring you sales, and even better results in no loss of sales compared to a physical store. This is because your website is open 24 hours and 365 days of the year.

02. Increase your reach

An E-commerce website can undeniably give you a better reach compared to any other print media platforms. The expanse of reach and the width of audience it reaches is simply massive and global. Apart from increasing your reach, businesses can also diversify their products, broaden their brand by offering intangible products and services and promote them to their customers.

As your increase and widen your reach, your business is exposed to several potential audiences that offer better brand awareness, recognition, and recall. People learn about your brand, its products, and prices without you having to take an active part in it. Once people know about your business, they can always return to the website, to purchase from it.

03. Better Conversion rates

The better the brand reach and awareness, the higher are chances of making sales and revenue. Your potential customers are more likely to make purchases when they learn that the process is easier, and can be done from the comfort of their home. This is another advantage of an e-commerce website to both the customer as well as the business owner.

With an e-commerce store, a prospect can search, view, compare and purchase a product without leaving their home. This offers businesses better conversion rates compared to those businesses that don’t have an e-commerce site.

04. Marketing Digitally

Owning an e-commerce website lets your businesses take on advertising and promoting the business on various digital platforms both effectively and efficiently. Digital marketing is a way of advertising business on different digital platforms which includes a search engine, social media channels, emails, mobile and more.

It opens a gateway of opportunity for your business to expand reach, drive customers towards your business, thus bringing you better leads and sales. Apart from this, digital marketing allows you to understand, analyze and connect with your customer base and keep them engaged with your brand.

05. Convenient

The entire concept of creating and managing an e-commerce store that customers themselves can search, reach and purchase from without having to leave their homes sounds very convenient. But also, as a business owner, your website can help your audience reach you instead of you having to reach them.

People nowadays prefer online shopping rather than going to physical stores for making purchases. Apart from this, they are likely to purchase more online making this easier for them and for you too. Your active role isn’t really needed for getting sales, allowing you to focus on other aspects of improving and innovating your brand.

06. Cost-effective

A lot of businesses fail to create an e-commerce store for themselves thinking it's unnecessary, or difficult to manage, and too costly. Apart from this, they believe an e-commerce store wouldn’t really help in fetching them better sales. This can be only farther from the truth.

Having an e-commerce store is like an investment that offers better ROI in the form of brand awareness, sales, and even better revenue. It is a cost-effective way for your audience to reach your business. It also takes away the expense of owning a physical store too. Online stores have become a much cost-effective platform with lesser processes involved, and more information provided influencing protects to convert to make a sale.

07. Scalable

Another added advantage of having an e-commerce store for your business is that it is measurable and scalable. This isn’t necessarily possible for other conventional marketing methods. With a website, one can understand their audience, and their purchase behavior and slowly expand based on their requirements.

You can add different products, diversify your brand, let your audience know about your overall business in just a few clicks. It lets you add in more services, payment options, delivery options, and more. The reach this premise offers is none compared to having a physical store.

08. Lesser Efforts

Like mentioned before, owning e-commerce takes a considerable burden off your shoulders of advertising and promoting your business to a limited reach of the audience who may or may not be your target customer base. Although your business will always need marketing, with an e-commerce store, you just open a path for better and effective opportunities for growth.

As a business owner, you cannot always invest in print media, or television/newspaper ads, and other conventional methods to get your business. These are often inaccurate, time-consuming, and sometimes even costly. With an e-commerce store, it takes lesser efforts to market, influence, scale, measure, and convert prospects

09. Better Brand Reputation

There are billions of businesses both online and offline. How do you think people can find you if you don’t have an e-commerce website and solely depend on a physical store? By doing this, you are limiting your opportunity to grow, expand, and even lose potential sales!

Having an e-commerce website that is easy to navigate, attractive to look at and that offers easier buying processes, influences customers to purchase from your brand. Apart from this, sharing customer reviews, testimonials and other essential information about the product/service builds better trust and credibility about your business.

10. Easier Access

And by this, we mean your business is just a few clicks away from your potential audience! An E-commerce store offers easy access to your online store to your potential customer at the right place and time. Apart from this, your e-commerce store speaks itself for your business. Your customer reviews, product description and prices, and more so that your customer decides without you having to actively be a part of it.

Having an e-commerce website that is easy to navigate, attractive to look at and that offers easier buying processes, influences customers to purchase from your brand. Apart from this, sharing customer reviews, testimonials and other essential information about the product/service builds better trust and credibility about your business.Owning an attractive and efficient e-commerce store is the stepping stone of your digital journey. You can leverage this, to promote your business on various platforms to reach your target customer base, drive them towards the website and effectively convert them.

Apart from this, an e-commerce site along with other digital channels like social media, email, and mobiles allows you to stay connected to your customers and keep them informed about your newest launches, arrivals, discounts, and more!

Do you also want to own an e-commerce store for your business?

It doesn’t matter even if you are just starting up, owning an e-commerce store will always help your drive opportunities, growth, and awareness for your brand.

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