YouTube SEO : Tips to Optimise Youtube Video for Search

Youtube Seo

Youtube, like other social media platforms, is a well-known site where individuals create videos for various reasons such as entertainment, education, and so on.

It is considered as the most popular video platform on the internet, as well as one of the most popular search engines. As a result, knowing how to optimise your content for the platform is crucial.

YouTube SEO is a strategy for optimising channels and videos to improve placement in search results and hence gain more traffic.

YouTube has a massive user base of over a billion people of the world's population. This implies that videos on the site may be used to introduce new users to a brand, raise brand recognition, and grow an audience of prospective consumers. To accomplish this, you'll need a solid YouTube SEO plan.

Youtube SEO Tips:

Use keywords in your video titles

One of the first things that our eyes are attracted to when searching for videos is the title. Because the title frequently decides whether or not a person will click to watch your video, so it must be both clear and simple. Although your keyword plays an important role in the title of your video, it also helps if it closely fits what the audience is looking for.So it is very important to do a thorough keyword research for a video you would want to rank on the search engine.

Optimize your video description

One of the things that the audience focuses on is the description of the video. Even if Youtube enables you to create a description of over 1000 words, keep in mind that the audience will not read it all. Instead, write a quick description of your video that attracts viewers, and don't forget to include keywords, important website links, CTA's, and other relevant information.

Keep upgrading your channel trailer

Because of the sort of material and originality you put into it, these short videos initially impress a significant number of viewers. These 30- 40 second trailers assist you in gaining more viewers as well as encouraging non-subscribers to visit your channel.

Enhance your watch time

The first 15-30 seconds of your initial video serve as a start or end for your viewer. To keep your audience engaged and involved in your video, use voice overs, originality, and colours in the first few seconds.

Strengthen your audience interaction

There are two ways to achieve this: one is to use your keywords in your video through text or phrases, and the other is to use it during your speech. Second, create persuasive and engaging videos so that your viewers like, share, and leave positive feedback in your comment section. If you have non-subscribers visiting your profile for the first time, getting them to subscribe to your channel will be extremely effective.

Create attractive Thumbnails

When viewers browse through a list of video results, your video thumbnail is the first picture they see. That thumbnail, along with the video's title, conveys a sign to the viewer about the content of the video, thus it can influence the amount of clicks and views your video obtains.To make your video stand out from the crowd, you can now customise your thumbnail with a variety of themes and effects. Posters, vibrant colours, and customised thumbnail texts should all be included.

Upload Subtitles and closed captions

Subtitles and closed captions can be added to assist viewers follow along with your conversation and enhance their comprehension. If your keywords are referenced in them, this can assist optimise your videos.

Now, most of the SEO steps outlined above rely on you choosing a keyword and properly marketing your video. There's an audience waiting for you to be discovered, and optimising for YouTube increases your chances of getting discovered. Not all of the solutions may be carried out only through YouTube. These elements may appear to be hard and time-consuming, but keep in mind that you want to rank your video on YouTube, therefore these tactics must be implemented correctly.

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