10 Best Diwali Campaigns That Prove You Can't Skimp On Creativity

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The Diwali season is a time to be thankful for all the good things your life has. The thing about Diwali is that there are no rules about what you can do with it; you can just go full-on hamster wheel if that's your thing! Let’s go back in the year 2021 and take a look at 10 of the most creative Diwali campaigns that prove that sometimes, a little bit of creativity can go a long way.

  1. Cadbury: Not Just A Cadbury Ad
  2. The one who didn't forget the small businesses that suffered as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Cadbury worked with AI technology and superstar Shah Rukh Khan to develop commercials according to the pin codes of the business in an effort to support local companies. All of our hearts were definitely touched by Cadbury and its deliciousness.

  3. HDFC Bank: Karo Har Dil Roshan
  4. Diwali is not about the stuff under the lamp. It's all about celebrating, giving, and, most importantly, helping others. This HDFC advertisement encourages everyone to take a step toward realising, helping and supporting the aspirations of those who help us every day.

  5. HP: Diye Se Diya Jalao
  6. Diwali is the season of celebrating love, family and friendship. Through this advertisement, HP emphasised the value of uniting to share in joy and happiness and the fact that this is impossible if even one person is left out. It compels everyone to spread the joy of the holiday season and contribute to making someone else's Diwali as memorable as their own.

  7. Amazon Prime: Apno Wali Diwali
  8. Well, Amazon Prime stepped up its marketing game by showing us that Diwali is not just about the brands and their products but the importance of the festival itself. Amazon Prime urges people to put down their televisions and electronic devices and go out to celebrate with their loved ones in person. This was something we all needed to hear in this digital age.

  9. Axis Bank: Pause The Bargain
  10. Diwali isn't just for you and your family. It's also for the poor on the streets, the vendors surrounding you, the small businesses, and everyone else. However, being Indians, we can't help but bargain, can we? Axis Bank urges customers to put off bargaining in order to light up the Diwali of smaller firms and vendors.

  11. JBL: Mute The World
  12. Don't allow the piercing sound of firecrackers to ruin your Diwali. With JBL headphones, you can block out the noise and dance to your personal Diwali music. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could mute the outside world? Well, thanks to JBL.

  13. Nykaa: Iss Diwali Tu Khoop Saj
  14. There are no limits to beauty. What better time is there to delve into the divine depth of beauty than Diwali itself? With this, Nykaa wants all the beauties to activate their beauty mode and sparkle the brightest among all the lights and diyas. To shine the brightest, there can be no holding back.

  15. Vivo: The Joy Of Homecoming
  16. There is no greater place to be than at home. The advertising campaign perfectly captures how smartphone photography can rekindle the pleasure of bonds. The advertising campaign successfully conveys how images can cross emotional gaps and reinforce the brand's theme of "Kyunki Tasveeron Ka Connection Seedha Dil Se Hota Hai."

  17. Zee: Yeh Diwali Kisson Wali
  18. In addition to supporting local businesses, the campaign urges individuals to purchase locally, experience a unique tale, and make their Diwali shopping trip memorable. Zee presents heartwarming "Kisse" while upholding the "Vocal For Local" theme.

  19. Zing: Be A Sparkle With Zing
  20. Be a guiding light to those who have dark paths. ZING urges people to give their time by serving as mentors to those who are in need. The initiative aims to improve the lives of youth with little resources who need support during critical growing years.

Creativity is everything. If there's one thing that took centre stage this Diwali, it's the fact that in order to win out over your competitors on social media, you need to be inventive, you need to be bold, and most of all—you need to catch people off guard. Overall, it's fair to say that our hearts were very impressed with the creativity shown last Diwali. We're bound to see even more interesting campaigns this year. Social media has changed the game of marketing, and big brands are taking notice. It will be exciting to see how companies will keep up with Diwali this year-2022.

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