How To Optimize Your Google My Business Profile


You've probably heard that Google's algorithm for ranking Business Profiles does not just consider proximity and relevance but also activity and quality of information. If you're running a small business, optimising your Google My Business Profile for better search visibility requires an honest assessment of your business and the way it would truly benefit from SEO optimization. Use the guide below to optimise your Google My Business profile, get more business leads and improve the overall search visibility of your business.

  • Claim your Business Profile
  • By taking ownership of your profile, you can decide what Google shows. If you don't claim your listing, Google will try its best to describe your company accurately, but this information may not always be accurate.

  • Get your Pictures right
  • Including photographs that are specific to each category helps improve how your business appears on Google. These images highlight aspects of your company that customers consider when making purchases. Adding photos might also help Google distinguish your company from competitors. You can even add creative videos to your profile to enhance view and engagement numbers on your page.

  • Show what you do the Best
  • Flaunt the best of your company. The information you display is very important, so it's essential to work to present your business in the best possible light at all times and in all settings. This makes it easier for people to notice your company. This helps you to attract more eyes to your business.

  • Stay up to Date
  • It’s easier and more important for you to immediately update your business listing with any changes to your information. Regular changes ensure that we can provide your potential consumers with the most updated information. GMB gives you the opportunity to upload content in the “Posts” section. Keep it more active and engaging by uploading creative content. You are out of the game if you are lacking behind.

  • Add Hours and Contact Information
  • You must provide precise operating hours, an address, a phone number, and other information to make it easier for potential clients to find and learn more about your company. This makes it simple for potential clients to contact you or visit you.

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  • Take advantage of the Review Feature
  • Your Google ranking among rival businesses improves with the number of reviews you have. Obtaining feedback and responding to them promptly will improve your local search rankings. They help you rank better in search results and act as trustworthy, cost-free advertisements for your goods and services.

  • Complete the “ABOUT US” Section
  • Will you put your trust in someone about whom you know nothing? Without a doubt, you won't. In a similar vein, you cannot expect customers to contact your business if they are unaware of you. As a result, you must maintain the information in your "ABOUT US" section. Use key phrases about your products or services in the “Business Description” section of your Business Profile.

  • List your Products and Services with a Description
  • This makes it easier for customers to know what they will receive when they visit you. Use concise, straightforward and simple language to describe your products and services, making sure to highlight all of their beneficial features and unique selling points. Emphasise the characteristics of your company that provide it with a competitive edge.

Before they come to your physical location, customers engage with you digitally through business profiles. Be as active as you can with your Google My Business profile. Regularly publish useful & high-quality material to your Google My Business Page. Keep the information accurate, authentic, creative and up-to-date because customers buy from businesses they trust.

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